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World's best naval flanker Su-33 crashed in Northern Atlantic

su33It had state secret equipment on board. For this reason it was decided to destroy the plane with underwater bombs
Monday September 5, 4:27 p.m. Moscow time, Russia's Su-33 naval flanker crashed in Northern Atlantic. The pilot catapulted and now feels well. The plane's arresting cable broke and Su-33 glided down into the sea as a result of it and sank at a depth of 1,100 meters. Su-33 naval flanker is the world's best plane of the type; it had state secret equipment on board. For this reason it was decided to destroy the plane with underwater bombs.

Head of the Russian Navy press-service Igor Dygalo says the Su-33 black box was to automatically surface in case of a crash and it actually did. There was no weapon or ammunition on board. The plane had many secret devices and also a detection system on board; it had to be liquidated with deep-sea bombs. A criminal case on the Russian Federation Criminal Code clause 351 has been instituted because of faults while preparation for flights or during the flight.

Su-33 is the world's best naval flanker. Its folding outer wings and empennage allow storage of the aircraft in under-deck hangars and to minimize the space taken by it on maintenance positions on the deck. Its engine AL-31K with the traction of 13,300 kilogram-force intensifies its take-off run from the deck. The pilot's seat is bent at 30 degrees angle that helps pilots better endure overload and catapult in case of emergency.

Su-33 was adopted in 1993 and has proved its reliability since that time. One Su-33 crashed July 17, 2001 during an air show in Russia's Pskov Region; the plane was piloted by Major-General Timur Apakidze, one of the best Russian pilots who tragically died that day.

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