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Man survives electric shock of 6,000 volts

The thermal shock destroyed part of the man's clothes, his body was covered with burns

A group of constructors in the city of Ufa had to do some work in a recently dug trench. One of the men went down into the trench. Suddenly the group remaining outside saw an electric arc flashing, which meant that the man in the trench had been hit with high-voltage electric shock.

However, they were stunned to see the 44-year-old man springing out of the trench. The man, named only as Sergey, looked awful: the thermal shock destroyed part of his clothes. His body was covered with burns, the right leg suffered most of all. But his colleagues were extremely happy to see him alive after such an amazing incident. Still in deep shock, the man was taken to a hospital for the first aid.

Authorities started an official investigation of the incident. One thing is known for sure for the time being: an electric cable of 6,000 volts was resting on the bottom of the trench where the constructors were working. Sergey broke the cable's steel cover with his rock breaker. This is strange that the workers were not warned about the danger of high voltage  before they started working on the site. The workers' employers said in an unofficial interview that such occurences are likely to happen in any large city where underground lines are so awfully intricate that experts can hardly understand them. It is not ruled out that the man has suffered an electric shock because of individual builders who probably laid unauthorized underground lines thus creating much trouble.
Experts say that Sergey remained alive because his rock breaker was the first to receive the short circuit. Furthermore, they add it is the current strength not the voltage that is the strong shock. This is the reason why the 44-year-old worker remained alive after the terrible accident.

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