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58 Villages Still Flooded in Volgograd Region

Around 7,000 people in 58 villages of the Volgograd region, Volga area remain in the flooded zone.

According to updated reports from the region, 2,975 dwelling houses remain partly flooded. 1,220 people have been evacuated, says the Chief Civil Defence and Emergencies Department of the Volgograd region.

The situation is still difficult in the districts of Ilovlinsky, Rudnyansky and Olkhovsky. In the rest of the districts, the water level has dropped and the situation is more or less stable. Water from melted snow has damaged and destroyed 31 bridges, 178 dwelling houses, several power line pillars, and 9 kilometers of motor roads.

34 transformer substations are still off. 4 villages go without electricity. Since water has flooded 4 cemeteries, a cattle burial ground, and cesspits, the region summoned specialists from the regional center of the State Sanitary Control Inspection. They take 8-12 water samples a day and make sanitary and hygienic arrangements.

Local plant protection stations checked all storehouses with fertilizers and insecticides, but none were flooded.

District medical establishments in the flooded areas are ready to receive patients round the clock. The authorities have arranged for food supplies to the flooded villages.

In all, the effort to fight flood in the Volgograd region involves 2,000 people, hundreds of pieces of equipment and water-borne vehicles, and aviation. Employees of the Southern Regional Center of the emergencies ministry, the Chief Civil Defence Department of the Volgograd region, and rescuers from neighboring sregions have been summoned.

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