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Unable to find job, woman swallowed three thermometers

38-year-old woman from the Russian city of Ekaterinburg arrived to Surgut in search of a job. When her search did not yield any positive results, she decided to kill herself by swallowing several thermometer with mercury.

According to “Novi Region”, the woman first purchased two thermometers and ate those; afterwards, she purchased another one and consumed it as well.

When she started to feel sick and decided to seek medical help, she was denied assistance. Doctors assumed the woman was under the influence and refused to help her.

The woman did not lose hope and went to another hospital in Nizhnevartovsk (neighboring town) while the three thermometers were still inside her.

According to the local media, Nizhnevartvovsk's paramedics were the ones to extract the thermometers from the victim's body.

In addition, they found out that the woman has been registered in a psychiatric clinic. According to the latest information, she was released from the clinic. She refuses to go back to Ekaterinburg. She did manage however to find a job at one of the local cafйs in Surgut.

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