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Bodies of dead passengers were falling into villages of Rostov region

On the place of the crash of TU-154 plane in Rostov region, the bodies of six people were found.
The representative of the operative staff Sergey Kuznetsov also said that the two big pieces of the plane were found 600 meters away from each other.

There can be several bodies of the passengers and the crew members in the fuselage remains, said Mr. Kuznetsov.

According to him, the area of the search is 25 square kilometers. More than 1,000 people are working on the scene of the tragedy.

One of the pieces of the plane fell into the yard of a house. No people were injured as the piece fell onto the barn.

The reporter of Interfax interview the local residents, and they said that the bodies of 10 dead people from the plane had been found near villages Krutye Gorki and Zelenovka.

In the barn in Krutye Gorki village a passenger seat with dead bodies of a woman and a child in it, was found. The seat broke through the roof of the barn.

In this village, the bodies of two men were also found. Near the village, the pilot’s body was found. The bodies of 5 more passengers were found in Zelenovka village. The witnesses said that the bodies had not been burned.

The villagers notified the law-enforcers on all the bodies they had found.

Meanwhile, Intefax has had no official confirmation of the above information so far.

President Putin declared August 26 the day of mourning in Russia.

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