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Murder of air traffic controller: who conducted revenge to Peter Nilssen?

Russian citizen Vladimir Savchuk whose wife, son and daughter died in the plane crash in Switzerland, is not involved in the murder of Skyguide air traffic controller.
Peter Nilssen who was on duty at the night of July 2, 2002 when Bashkiria Airlines TU-154 crashed into Boeing-737 carrying DHL company’s cargo, was killed in the evening of February 24 in his house. Two days later Swiss police detained a suspect of this murder.

There is no official information of the detained man. The only known fact is that this man’s wife, son and daughter were killed in the plane crash. Two men fit this description – Vitaly Kaloev (see the photo of him, his wife and son before the plane crash) and Vladimir Savchuk. Each of them lost his wife, son and daughter in the crash, reported.

However, Mr. Savchuk has not been detained by Swiss police.
 Vladimir Savchuk said to a RIA-Novosti reporter on the phone that for the last six months he had never left Bashkiria.

”I have not left Ufa (Bashkirian capital) lately”, said Mr. Savchuk. At the moment of the interview, he was at Ufa cemetery where his family is buried.
Vladimir Savchuk expressed negative attitude to the murder of the air traffic controller.

“I don’t support murders. After murder no traces are left behind. There is no key witness who could tell the court the details of the accident and the entire Skyguide system operation any more. This will complicate the investigation”, said Vladimir Savchuk in a Kommersant interview.

He said he was and surprised that some media had attached his name to the murder in Switzeland.

The relatives of the air crash victims object to connecting them to the murder of the Swiss air traffic controller, said Chairman for the Organization of Relatives of the Crash Victims Zulfat Khammatov in a RIA interview.
 "The people who lost their relatives cannot wish death to one of the people accused of the accident because this death can produce negative impact to the legal hearing and subsequent payments of compensations to the crash victims”, said Mr. Khammatov.
On June 2, 2002 71 people were killed in the plane crash, most of them – children from Russia.

The two crashed planes were in the zone of responsibility of the Swiss air traffic controller who was killed on February 24, 2004.

The names of Vladimir Savchuk and Vitaly Kaloev were mentioned after Swiss police reported that the suspect of the murder had lost all his family in the crash – wife and two children.
Russia sent Switzerland a letter of inquiry about the citizenship of the suspect of the murder.
Official representative of Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko said in a RIA interview that Russian Embassy had not received the reply yet.

“In any case, if this is Russian citizen, he will receive all necessary assistance from Russian Consular Office”, Mr. Yakovenko said. According to the diplomat, Russian Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Bern are carefully examining the situation around this murder”.

Source: Russian media