CIA engaged in St. Petersburg terror act?

A terror act has been carried out in the subway of St. Petersburg. At least 10 people have been reported dead. Christoph R. Hörstel, Government & Business Consultant, has commented Pravda.Ru on the issue.

Was it carried out alongside other terror acts in Europe, by ISIS?

The problem is that in all the terror incidents we had very clear signs of a government-managed terror. And in all cases the government knew about people who were involved and carried out the attacks. The secret services were informed about personalities involved. And this is a red line in all the terror attacks.

If the state authorities are knowledgeable about the main persons, then the first thing we assume is that we are talking about state-managed terror.

And what about St. Petersburg, I am constantly twisting my mind about what Washington wins from Moscow to fulfill. The background information is why this incident happened in St. Petersburg.

You believe that the US is engaged, don't you?

Exactly. I believe that the CIA is engaged. The US Defence Secretary James Mattis has spoken out recently against Iran. Washington tries to make Moscow happy with certain appeasement moves in Syria, Egypt and even Libya. But in the case of Iran, they have crossed the line. They are trying to make a push-and-pull policy towards Moscow. They will show Moscow some good sides, events, and they will show Moscow some bad sides, bad events. They are trying to coerce, to force President Putin walk in other direction. Friendship offered to Russia from Trump was not sincere.

So, we cannot speak about some joint fight against terrorism, can we?

I do think it was very wise from the Russian leadership to try to engage Washington in this kind of discussion. But I also do think that Washington's policy has never been sincere regarding terrorism. They always tend to use force. They carry a hammer, and believe that all the problems around are nails. They carried this terror of terrorism around and they have been very successful in using this kind of power. And now they have made an attempt on Moscow. Unfortunately, this is not a coincidence. That does not look like something that happens suddenly made by somebody coming from Chechnya and having no connections whatsoever.

Which lesson should be learnt given this?

The Russian state is well-advised to make their security service function better. That is one point to observe. And the other point - it is clearly necessary to check out what was the CIA link.




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