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A New Year's surprise from bin Laden

A new message from the №1 terrorist Osama bin Laden has been released on Monday. According to the Russian TV news channel NTV, a new audio message has been aired on Al-Jazeera satellite channel. In it, bin Laden once again called for the sacred war. 
Leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaida persuades Muslims to continue fighting. He cautions them to take all the necessary actions in order to prevent reconciliation in the Near East. Bin Laden also called Muslims to “continue jihad in order to prevent all the collusions concerning the Islamic government,” states AP. He also mentioned Hussein's arrest. This proves that the recording was made no later than the last few weeks, reports RBC. 

The recording says that the rest of the leaders of the Persian Gulf countries “are aware that their turn will come soon” and that the US prepares to acquire power in other countries of the region. Rich in oil Saudi Arabia appeals to the States the most.

 “Invaders can only understand the language of weapons”, states bin Laden. The terrorist accuses leaders of Muslim countries in “pursuing their own personal power. They are not interested in religion or in problems of the Muslim people.” In addition, the recording informed of the US “collusion” against Islamic people. He mentions the so-called “Geneva’s peaceful initiative” suggested on December 1 as a special plan of reconciling the Arab-Israel conflict.    
The recording also criticizes those governments of the Arab counties which “gave in under the US pressing” and stopped supporting the fight against Palestine, reports Polit.Ru

Al-Jazeera confirmed that the voice on this recording is the same as on previous recordings and belongs to Osama bin Laden. The US CIA representative in turn claimed that at least two days will be needed for them to confirm such presumption. Experts are yet to establish the actual time and date of the recording, reports Reuters.


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