Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Moscow Subway Bomber Identified as Humble School Teacher

Officials of the Federal Headquarters of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee confirmed that the explosion at the Lubyanka metro station on March 29 was performed by Mariam Sharipova, a national of the republic of Dagestan. She was reportedly married to Magomedali Vagopov, the head of a terrorist group, which still conducts subversive activities in the republic, Itar-Tass reports.

“The investigation conducted by the Federal Security Bureau and the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation showed that the female terrorist, who exploded herself at the Lubyanka station of the Moscow metro, is Mariam Sharipova, born in 1982 in the settlement of Balakhani, Dagestan, an official message from the committee said.

Thus, the two terrorists have been identified. The second bomber was identified as Jennet Abdurakhmanova (Abdulayeva), born in 1992, a resident of Dagestan’s Khasavyurt.

Abdurakhmanova was identified through genetic and forensic tests, officials said. Law-enforcement agencies continue the investigation of the crime.

Rasul Magomedov, a native of the settlement of Balakhani, recognized his daughter Mariam on the photos, which appeared on the Russian Internet soon after the attacks, Pravda.Ru said.

Russia Today: Blasts – revenge for recent anti-terrorist operations

“I saw the picture of her preserved head. She is my daughter, I am absolutely certain of that,” the man told Interfax.

Rasul Magomedov, a teacher at a local school, can not explain his daughter’s act.

“We were raising her as a common girl. She was very religious, but I never noticed any vestiges of extremism with her. When it was rumored that she married Magomedali Vagabov (a terrorist leader), I asked her about it, but she didn’t confirm,” the man said.

“Investigators arrived here soon after I made the announcement. They took my blood samples and they also took all the pictures of my daughter from my house,” Magomedov said.

The man saw his daughter on March 26. The next morning he went to Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. Mariam arrived there too on March 28 with her mother. In the afternoon Mariam said that she was going to visit her friend in the city. She called her mother in a couple of hours and said that she would go back to Balakhani alone. The parents never saw her again.

Mariam Sharipova was born in 1982 in the settlement of Balakhani into a family of teachers. All children in this family carry one and the same last name – Sharipov(a) – in grandfather’s honor. Her father was a teacher of the Russian language and literature at a local school. Her mother was a teacher of biology at the same school. After finishing school, Mariam entered the pedagogical university which she graduated with honors in 2005. She holds two diplomas in mathematics and psychology. She returned home after graduation and became a school teacher too. She lived at home with her parents.

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