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Children suicide-bombers to show up in Moscow

Moscow militia is getting ready to meet children suicide-bombers.
Representatives of the Moscow's law machinery do not rule out the possibility of this happening. Law-enforcement officials are given orders to pay attention at everyone, even at children. For even a respectfully-looking man, a nice woman, a senior or even a teenager can turn out to be a suicide-bomber.
It should be noted that there have already been tragedies where children carried out a role of a weapon of mass destruction.  Israeli  Special  Forces  have prevented a terrorist act that  should  have  been carried out by a 15-year old teenager, in the city  of Afula. Those who planned this act gave the boy a mobile phone and 1 thousand of shekels ($220).

An explosion of household gas occurred in a nine-storeyed apartment building in the city of Shakhty, the Rostov region of Russia. The blast destroyed two storeys of the building

Another apartment building explodes in Russia. Several people killed

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