Inquisition will defeat international terrorism

At one point of European history civilization already considered terrorism as the main threat.
Such outlook  dominated in XV-XVI centuries. However, at  that time not special force but Inquisition fought terrorism. Putting forward the hypothesis that witches, wizards and other Evil ones really existed, their activity fits the concept of the global terrorist network...
 First, witches and wizards are blamed for conducting terrorist acts, such as poisoning wells, destruction of sown areas (the attributes of using chemical weapons), causing high mortality and illnesses , "sending" harmful insects and parasites (biological weapons), arsons, destruction of property and so on. There is no need of complex devices to conduct all these things, this can be done quite easily.
 The common question of sceptics - "what was the reason for this" - can be answered considering this was terrorism. A terrorism has no reason to explode this or that building and kill the people he/she does not know. Terrorists do this to cause panic, undermine the power of the state and put its government under pressure.
 Witches and wizards could have the same purpose: terrorist attacks conducted by orders of the leaders to put temporal power and religious authorities under pressure.
 According to the chronicles, the fellowship of witches and wizards was a typical network with no central headquarter but with well-developed connection between its cells. There was a set of doctrines attracting adherents to this network. This was a sort of "antiglobalism" if Saint Roman Church leaders could be considered "globalists". Certainly, there also were other reasons for this activity.
 Similar to the current terrorist networks, this "movement" included women, gays, the poor (especially leprous), and at the same time the "cream of society".
 One can imagine the following scene from that period of time. A ruler and an ugly one-eyed leprous with no nails on his fingers are sitting opposite to each other. The leprous says in a sweet voice: "Your Majesty, last time  you were wrong to ignore our demands. Your two villages were put on fire. Our girls love fire! Besides, we delivered from Bohemia 50 dead bodies infected with plague. We also have 30 barrels of new poison and many new adherents. You have a choice, Your Majesty: high mortality, hunger and oher trouble in the area you own, or you can meet our demands". And so on, the usual style of ultimatum.
 Another question arises: who finally won? Saint Roman Church fought desperately, hundreds of thousands witches were burned. Meanwhile, later this "movement" was rehabilitated, and the Church along with the people (who were scared of witches) were accused of
"superstition, ignorance, deceiving common people and hatred to women".
A funny example how witches' traditions could live up to the current times. In the Middle Ages witches' sabbathes were conducted at night of May 1. Later this tradition ceased to exist because it attracted too much attention. However, in a course of time May 1 became the day of  the new holiday - International Day of Laborers' Solidarity.

Source: Newsinfo


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