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Russia mourns victims of Nalchik terrorist attack

Twenty-seven people, both military men and civilians, have been buried in Nalchik since the beginning of the tragic events

Nalchik RussiaSaturday, October 15, was declared the mourning day in the republic of Kabardino Balkaria, the south of Russia, in connection with the recent terrorist attack on the republic's capital, Nalchik.

The president of the republic, Arsen Kanokov, presented his condolences to those citizens, who lost their loved ones in the attack, Interfax reports. Flags flew at half-staff on Saturday in the republic; all television and radio companies canceled entertainment programs.

The end of the special operation in Russia's Nalchik - photoreport

According to the latest information, 24 police officers and 12 civilians have been killed as a result of the huge two-day terrorist attack on Nalchik. Over 100 civilians have been hospitalized with various injuries.

Nalchik RussiaA special flight took six of the wounded individuals from Nalchik to Moscow: a spokesman for the Russian Ministry for Healthcare said that those people would receive high-quality medical aid at Moscow's federal hospitals.

The International Red Cross Committee is ready to render all necessary help to Nalchik's hospitals. “We are expecting to receive orders for medicines and medical materials from the hospitals of Nalchik,” a Red Cross spokeswoman, Anastacia Isyuk, told Interfax.

Six people killed in the attack will be buriedNalchik Russia on the cemeteries of Nalchik today, the chief of the republic's forensic bureau Azret Mechukayev said. Two other bodies remain unidentified. The bodies of 74 terrorists are being kept at the morgue, the official said. Twenty-seven people, both military men and civilians, have been buried in Nalchik since the beginning of the tragic events.

Municipal public transport started working in Nalchik, the central market and grocery stores are now open again. The troops still patrol the city's streets, though, Newsru reports.

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