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Supercomputer will get Bin Laden


Americans got Saddam. Now they only need Bin Laden to complete Bush’s triumph as a defender of world evil. A dedicated “Special Group 121” works on his superhero image. Quality of its work can be seen by Hussein capture. The group was close to capture “world’s no 1 terrorist” too.

The group’s activities are top secret, but some data leaks into media time after time. It was created as a joint squad of military special forces (including “green berets”), navy “seals” and other elite forces, together with CIA special teams. The group’s fighters participated in capture of Saddam Hussein and other former Iraq top officials.

Now their number one task is to get Bin Laden, and they use similar methods as helped them to trace Hussein. In particular, they use a computer program called “Analyst’s Notepad”. It was created for Pentagon by I-2 company, specialists in software. This program analyzes great masses of data, looking for interconnections between seemingly unrelated events and figures, captured telephone calls and other elements gathered by special forces. Now this program is used to find weak links in ethnical, family and close circles around bin Laden. If their data is correct, soon they might again demonstrate sensations.

However, the program’s leading role in Hussein capture is doubtful. Of course, military officials are proud of their analytics and luck, but there are strong rumors that success depended on Iraqi informer, who might have even been Saddam’s relative.


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