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Afghani militant leaders threaten Americans to make “bloody September”

The leaders of one of the alliance of the Taliban and other militant groups being established anew, threaten "to make new bloody September to Americans and their Afghani puppets" and frustrate the presidential elections scheduled for October 9.
The “Chief Commander of “Jamiat jaish-al-muslimen” Mohammad Iskhak Manzur said this in an interview to Geo Pakistani TV Channel on behalf of the 5 militant groups allegedly being within this organization.

According to him, the “mojahedin veteran” Saed Mahammad Akbar Aga, the native of Kandagar, was elected the alliance head.

In addition to the Taliban members, the supporters the former Prime Minister of the mojahedin government Gulbeddin Hekmatiyar, soldiers of another field commander Maulana Jelaluddin Hakkani and the commanders “being close to Yunus Halil".

Iskhak Manzur gave an example of his actions: the recent attack on the column of Pakistani tank trucks carrying fuel to the US military base near Kandagar.

The militant leader said that they had done no harm to the Pakistani drivers, but in future all people collaborating with Americans, will be killed, whether they are Pakistanis or Indians”.

Manzur promised to produce the footage of attacking and “exploding the US objects” soon.

He also promised to demonstrate Americans “approaching new bloody September” within 72 hours, and then “similar horrible October will follow".

The "commander" of the militants called Hamid Karzai an  "American puppet, like IIyad Allawi in Iraq".

He also said that the Afghani militants respect the leader of Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden who assisted them in fighting against the Soviet troops. However, “he did not show up for a long time”, and on the whole, the Afghanis “need no Al-Qaeda’s help for liberating their motherland".

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