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Russian and Ukrainian medics in Libya make urgent plea

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Appeal From Russian & Ukrainian Medics Working in Libya to Stop USA & NATO Aggression Against Libya

"We plead with all honest, good will people in the West and East to support our appeal to STOP WAR AGAINST LIBYA." Please share this eye-witnesses accounts and appeal, signed by more than 100 foreign medics in Libya, as far and wide as you can. It may save many lives and a world war 3.

Russian and Ukrainian medics in Libya make urgent plea. 44450.jpeg

NATO murders three small children, Ghaddafi's grandchildren and his son 


We plead with all honest, good will people in the West and East to support our appeal to STOP WAR AGAINST LIBYA.

We do not have internet connection in Libya for about 2 months. It took us a week to find a possibility to e-mail our Appeal, but we do not know when we get access to the internet again. That is why we ask people themselves to spread this letter everywhere possible - to internet sites, news agencies, Human Rights and other international and national organizations, even to one's own friends.

Only if the truth about situation in Libya is widely known, it will be possible to force American, British and NATO war hawks to stop aggression against people of Libya and save innocent people from being killed by US & NATO bombs and missiles!

Thank you for your help! 

We wish all of us success in the anti-war struggle - especially in the Victory Day over the fascists of the 20th Century. Let us stop the fascists of the 21st Century!

-Russian, Ukrainian, CIS & Bulgarian medics working in Libya


* the Secretary-General of UN

* Members of Security Council of UN

* UN Member States Representatives & Personnel

* International Criminal Court & future Hague Tribunal on War Crimes against Libya

* And all people of good will


from medics from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other CIS and East European countries, working & living in Libya


May 1st, 2011, Tripoli, Libya


Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General,

Mr. Joseph Deiss, President of the General Assembly,

Mr. Li Baodong, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the UN,

Dr. Peter Wittig, Permanent Representative of Germany to the UN & Chairman of the UN Peacebuilding Commission,

Permanent Representatives of the Member States of the Security Council,

Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court,



We would like to address the UN Secretary-General personally, as the head of the most important international organization of UN, and other members of this organization, first of all, members of the Security Council, especially the most righteous and sober China, as well as current members of the Security Council, we also address the people of USA, UK, France and Italy, deceived by their governments in respect of the situation in Libya.

We are pleading with all of you to join your efforts to SAVE PEOPLE OF LIBYA FROM GENOCIDE currently committed by USA and NATO armies and to stop criminal war against sovereign Libya !!!

A month ago we have already sent an appeal to the leaders of Russia (you can find it here), but we see now, after 6 weeks of continuing war against Libya, that the efforts of Russia alone are still insufficient to stop this criminal war waged to control Libyan oil. Only joint efforts of the UN, and especially the Secretary-General and reasonable Members of the Security Council, together with all people of good will all around the world, would stop this terrible US & NATO aggression against Libya.

At the end of March, after our letter to the Russian leaders had been published, and the Papal vicar in Libya, Catholic bishop of Tripoli Giovanni Martinelli had raised his voice against bombing and killing civilian population in Tripoli, US & NATO troops stopped bombing the city of Tripoli. They realized that not all foreigners left Libya, so it would be impossible for them to hide their atrocities from the international public opinion (several hundreds of eye-witnesses working in hospitals all around the country - this is something that no propaganda machine could possibly eliminate).

However, by the end of April, after US-NATO commanders had realized futility of their attempts to dismiss Qaddafi and make Libya capitulate by shelling Libyan troops and regional centers, they RESUMED THEIR BOMBING OF TRIPOLI - first of all, Qaddafi's residential compound of Bab al-Aziziya, and TV Center of Tripoli - thus killing and wounding more civilian people.

As medics working in hospitals we can testify that in one day of such air strikes bombs and missiles of the anti-Libyan coalition are killing and wounding more people in Tripoli than in course of all unrests in the West of Libya in February and March, which USA and France used as a pretext to their intervention.

Pages: 1234

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