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Russia increases price on natural gas for Ukraine

01.04.2014 | Source:



Russia increases price on natural gas for Ukraine. 52492.jpeg
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The price on the Russian gas for Ukraine has increased from the second quarter of the current year from 268.5 to 385.5 dollars per one thousand cubic meters due to continued non-payment, the chairman of Gazprom Board of Directors Alexey Miller said.

He noted that the "December " discount on gas could no longer be used as Ukraine failed to execute obligations to repay the debt for gas supplies in 2013. To crown it all, Ukraine does not provide for full payment for current supplies and increases the debt for delivered gas.

Ukraine's current debt for Russian natural gas supplies totals 1.711 billion dollars.

Miller also added that during the second quarter of the year, the rate for the transit of Russian gas on the Ukrainian territory has been increased as well. Its growth made up ten percent , as provided in contract calculations.


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