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Diamond gallery opens in Kingdom of Permafrost

The opening ceremony of the Diamond Arm Gallery took place in the "Kingdom of Permafrost" in Yakutia. This project of the national tourist group Yakutia and a group of companies EPL Diamond united Yakutia's two best-known brands - permafrost and Yakutian diamonds.

The King of Cold, Chyshaan, and Mrs. Winter welcomed the guests who attended the ceremony. After the algysa ritual, all the guests were shown inside the ice residence, where the temperature does not rise above -14 degrees Centigrade.

The jewelry made from ice became the key objects at the exposition. Each of those pieces of ice jewelry replicate products of the well-known jewelry maker.

One can take a look at the finest works of art of Yakutian ice carvers and jewelers at the "Diamond Room." During the "Diamond Week," it will be possible to become familiar with the achievements of the diamond industry, as well as with the work of jewelers and diamond cutters. 


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