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Caja Madrid buys stake in City National Bank of Florida, announces plans

Caja Madrid, the savings bank that provides services at approximately 1,900 banking offices and more than 4,600 supermarket locations throughout Spain, decided to use its strategic stakes in financial service companies to create a separate company and launch it on the stock exchange before the end of 2008.

The venture has a precedent: last year Spain 's bank La Caixa grouped all its holdings into a single company, Criteria.

Caja Madrid has also announced its acquisition of 83 percent of City National Bank of Florida for $927 million cash.


The majority of experts in the field of armaments admit that made-in-Russia weapons can be referred to as best weapons in the world. To substantiate this point, suffice it to recall that many countries make their own ripoffs of world-famous Russian weapons.

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US Deputy Representative to the UN, Jonathan Cohen, stated that Russia should return the Crimea and the Donbass region to Ukraine so that the United States could lift anti-Russian sanctions

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