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Georgian wines will not return to Russia in 2012

"Khvanchkara", "Kindzmarauli", "Chkhaveri" and other Georgian wines are unlikely to return to Russian stores before 2013, Russia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said.

"We are ready to meet with Georgian producers here, but we definitely need to look at the production on the site. If we are satisfied, we will offer to register new products. If all goes well, deliveries will start, and we will be controlling the batches," said Onishchenko.

The official said that the documents necessary to resume the shipments have been received from almost 30 Georgian companies. Onishchenko said that the shipments would not be resumed in 2012. "It's obvious. There is little time left."

Russia banned the delivery of Georgian wine and mineral water in May of 2006 amid tensions between the two countries. Russia complained of low quality of Georgian products.


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