Source Pravda.Ru

Expro International Group receives conditional takeover bid from Halliburton

Expro International Group PLC received a $3.36 billion bid from Halliburton Energy Services (NYSE: HAL), a United States-based multinational corporation.

The Houston-based company made the largest offer giving 1525 pence ($30.14) per share.

The Halliburton’s proposal “does not yet constitute a firm intention to make an offer" and was subject to preconditions.

Energy Services, the company's historical cornerstone, includes drilling & formation evaluation, digital & consulting solutions, production volume optimization, and fluid systems. This business continues to be profitable, and the company is one of the world's largest players in this industry; Schlumberger is its closest competitor followed by Baker Hughes, Tesco Corporation and Weatherford International.

The first rumors of possible takeover bid for Uk based Expro Group appeared already in 2007.