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Russian beekeepers strive to ban GM honey

26.12.2013 | Source:




Russian beekeepers strive to ban GM honey. 51844.jpeg

The Russian National Beekeepers Association addressed to The Federal Service for Customers Rights with a request to ban the sale of honey with pesticides, GMOs and chemical impurities.

According to market participants, Russia must discontinue both the sale of drugs for bees and bee products with residues of veterinary drugs, transgenic pollen, glucose and fructose syrup.

In addition, Russian beekeepers consider it necessary to ban the production and use of equipment with zinc coating. The association also considers it necessary to check every batch of honey that is imported into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the head of the Federal Service for Customers Rights, Sergey Dankvert, stated that the quality of Russian honey had considerably declined recently. Hazardous substances were found in 30 percent of samples of products. The largest number of violations of honey quality was reported in one of the main beekeeping regions of Russia.



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