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Russia closes criminal case against Poroshenko's Roshen

Russia has closed a notorious criminal case against Ukrainian confectionery company Roshen. The owner of the company is Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

"Investigation against one of the main defendants on the case - the general director of the company Roshen was  terminated due to the lack of evidence," lawyer Violetta Volkova told Interfax.

The termination of the criminal case lifted arrest from the company accounts worth 2.5 billion rubles.

The criminal case was opened about two years ago under Article 180 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal use of trademark).

The lawsuit against the Ukrainian company was filed by Russian holding "United Confectioners." The Russian company sought the payment of 2.4 billion rubles for illegal use of trademarks. As a result, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow froze Roshen accounts in Russia - about 2.8 billion rubles.

Roshen started having problems on the Russian market in July 2013, when the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Control banned exports of chocolate and sweets made at four Roshen factories, because of complaints about the quality of products.

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