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Toyota introduces cars that run on ethanol and gasoline in Brazil

Toyota is introducing cars that run on ethanol and gasoline in Brazil at a time when such flexible-fuel vehicles are growing in popularity there.

Toyota's Brazil unit said in a release Wednesday it will start selling two new flex-fuel Corolla models that surpass the performance of the gas-fueled Corollas now on the market in the country.

It is targeting monthly sales of 2,500 of the Corolla Flex and 750 of the Corolla Fielder Flex model.

The models, which Toyota said underline its strategy to adapt to regional needs, are the first the company is selling that can run on up to 100 percent bioethanol, the automaker said.

A booming ethanol industry has emerged in Brazil since about two years ago, and automakers are all rushing to offer flex-fuel cars there.

Most drivers in Brazil choose ethanol, which is made from corn, sugar cane or other crops and is about half the price of gasoline in Brazil. Eight out of every 10 new cars sold in the country are now flex-fuel models.

Honda Motor Co. already sells flex-fuel Civics and Fits in Brazil.

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