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Venezuelan President Maduro: USA fatally obsessed with Russia

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro said that the United States is doing everything possible to keep the oil market from stabilizing.  

The US administration takes every effort to counter OPEC's attempts to stabilize oil prices, he said. 

"You can't imagine all the pressure that is coming from Washington to ensure the failure of the efforts we have made during the last year to create a common strategy among OPEC and non-OPEC producers to stabilize the market and prices," Maduro said, speaking Tuesday in his own TV show. 

He also said that the US economic war against Russia and Venezuela affects the United States as well. 

"These are almost war-like pressure on governments, on heads of state. The US has a "fatal obsession" with Russia, OPEC and Venezuela's leftist government," Maduro added. 

Many specialists are convinced that the ongoing decline in oil prices is intentional. However, according to Maduro, the United States is trying to exhaust Russia. The tactics of dumping oil hits the "shale revolution" the US and Canada hardest. Oil companies in these countries working to their own detriment. 

A barrel of shale oil costs $32. A barrel of oil produced on Russian old fields costs  $28, ($16 at new ones). The cost of Venezuelan oil makes up about $9.

The US aims to raise the degree of public discontent in Russia, before the US market collapses. In Russia, low oil prices, due to a large tax component, equally affect the budget and ordinary consumers. 


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