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Letter to Russian people

Greetings and thanks to PRAVDA for giving me forum opportunity to talk to you.

The following post is about my general view of the state of the world today 2 July 2002.

"976 words of wisdom?"

I do not know a lot about Russian people. I come from England and my experience of life was in the cold war. The world has completely changed since it ended. I see Russians as a brutalized and ideologically indoctrinated people and victims of past Soviet Union system and in my view enslaved people.

From news that I get it looks to me that more people in Russia are starving, homeless and in poverty then under communism. Am I right or wrong?

I like the freedom of democracy but not uncontrolled capitalism. For the majority of the people in the world capitalism is not working, in fact it keeps them in a state of ignorance, war and poverty.

Everyone seem to have noticed weather changes but capitalism, particularly American corrupt capitalism does not care about environmental pollution as Kyoto shows. This effects everybody on the planet.

Technology and science make the world very small now.They call it the global village that we all live in. But since bin Laden destroyed world trade centre buildings.

America is doing things which I oppose. For example. Taking away the right to see lawyer if America classifies you as terrorist. No trial and kept in prison for as long as they want. This can now happen to any person of any nationality even American citizens, which happening right now. This is what the soviets used to do to their people making them robots to the system.

Most people are robots to the capitalist system and it is well described as a rat race. From my point of view people can adapt to any system and capitalism seems the best of bad choices.

Communism goes against human nature of competitiveness, to get the maximum possible resources in competition with everybody else, who is trying to do the same thing.

Capitalism is a far more brutal system where your life and health literally depend on how much money you have. For many people in the world that means death and starvation. Capitalism is not working for the environment or for the majority of people in the world. In the cold war I did not want world communist domination and I do not want American world domination either.

I think the world should be dominated by the United Nations and that is where I would place my first loyalty and hope for the future of the world.

Whatever empires come and go and perhaps the American empire is on its way out. I am lucky I have hard currency that I can invest, but after seeing Enron and WorlCom collapse I would not invest in American companies.

It seems to me, Africans and Europeans can find a common enemy in the United States of America. Africans because of starvation and poverty American trade policies. And the European union for American steel trade barriers, middle east issues and lots of reasons that I have already mentioned.

The America against the world split shows itself best in the United Nations in terms of not recognizing the International Criminal Court. To me it seems like America law on the world instead of world law for everybody and decided by everybody .

Its been a long post expressing my views as I see it and I suppose we all see things from a different point of view depending on who we are , where we are standing, our past experiences and aspirations for the future of our loved ones.

We live in a dangerous and very complicated world that I and most people do not understand. The American dream is turning to nightmare on elm street before our very eyes. All over the world we see the power struggles of war as everybody with an axe to grind, grinds it. Anyone with a spear to throw throws it. And all American policies promote it.

So what is the American agenda? They can make lots of money selling weapons so the more wars there are the more money they make. American agenda might be to keep the world in disorder, sell arms and charge countries like Saudi Arabia military protection money. Have the Russian mafia been giving red rage, lynch mob America gangster lessons ?

How long will it be before Americans feel like they are following a Bush man army into a swamp of no return in his war against terrorism. How long before they find themselves with empty pockets because of no world confidence in the big rotten apple of New York.

It is a small world and generally speaking when America catches cold, the rest of the world sneezes. When American policies run around like headless chickens. Who knows where the blood will go. Here, there and anywhere.

America is being shaken to its very foundations by the way the Bush administration is fighting the war against terrorism and threatens to take the whole world down with it. Terrorism its all in the definition, who calls whom a terrorist one day and liberator the next day?

It's a crazy world we live in and who is to say what will happen but the road ahead as I see it is very very bad. I hope that having shared my thoughts with you it may make a difference. For people to want to ask for a better way and to see our common human interest above those of nation, tribe, family or religion.

Whoever you are, thank you for reading my post and wish you peace, happiness and prosperity and hope we can enlighten each other.