Source Pravda.Ru

Jeff Kellner: I am alarmed at some of the language on your website

Dear Editors,

I am alarmed at some of the language on your website. I have read articles where your journalists refer to the Israelis as "the Jews doing this" and "the Jews doing that".

This is obvious racism. When your writers write about the mostly Christian Belarussian government, do they write "see what the Christians are doing"?

When your journalists write about the mostly Muslim Pakistani government, do they write "see what the Muslims are doing"?

No they don't. But special status is reserved for the Jews, according to PRAVDA.

If you want your website to be taken seriously, I suggest you have an editorial meeting and discuss the language your journalists use. Join the world of objective, responsible journalism.

PRAVDA has a terrible legacy of racism and intolerance. I do not need to tell you how much of a joke it was around the world during the communist times. I would hope things have changed.

I have no problem with your website being anti-Israel. Jews, like everyone else can be critical of Israel. But to refer to the Israelis uniquely as Jews is obvious anti-Semitism. Surely you must see this?

Do not lump all Jews into one general group. Many, especially in Israel are working towards peace DESPITE the constant terror bombings. Your articles are sensationalist...they express a particular bitterness and hatred I see only in the extremist press.

P.S. Statistically, the place where many many more Muslims have been murdered is Chechnya. I suppose you could dedicate even a fraction of the space given to your anti-Israel articles to Chechnya but I suspect this would not go along with your Russian nationalist program?

Jeff Kellner New York