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PRAVDA.Ru response to Edw. Boertjes on TU-154 crash

Dear Sir,

First of all, statements about conduct of the Russian TU-154 pilots are not just PRAVDA.Ru words, this was said by the German pilot trade union in an interview to The Washington Post. PRAVDA.Ru just quoted the interview.

What concerns your phrase “PRAVDA.Ru statements are not only incorrect but heavily insulting.” Whom does this phrase concern? If you mean that the words are insulting for the Swiss air traffic controllers, it would be extremely strange for Russia to thank Skyguide for this terrible tragedy. Moreover, the Swiss air traffic controllers even have admitted their fault. It is said in the article: “In this tragedy, the non-intervention principle was broken; however, the mistake committed by the Swiss air traffic controllers on the land was the most tragic. The Swiss controllers admit this fact, and any accusations against the Russian pilots are impossible in this case.”


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