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Keith LaBelle: Bush on Economics

War or Economics: That is the question that the Bush Administration has to decide.

With the war on terrorism going poorly and the American economy in shambles the Bush administration has been trying to juggle the costly war on terrorism and economic rehabilitation with zero results. It appears every time George W. comments on economics the American stock market nosedives as the Dow plunged over 200 points yesterday.

In the American system American investors can write off up to $3,000 in investment losses. Charles Schwab, a major investment firm, has proposed that this be changed to $20,000. While this may seem like a benevolent action toward market reform; one must realize who has the money to invest in the stock market. The proposal totally ignores the working families who are most hurt by the current economic climate. It is obvious the Bush administration prioritizes war over economic recovery and with zero results in both departments he is looking at a one-term presidency.

Keith LaBelle Brooklyn NY