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George Pollnow: The world has become too small to not view the rest of humanity as my brother

In my opinion, Pravda has provided a valuable service to the American public. I have seen the discrepancies between the news that I receive on television compared to your publication. All I can say is thank you. Keep up what you're doing, the future of the world depends on it. It's a shame on America that I can say these things, especially after all of the years of the 'cold war', and reading and seeing on television that Pravda was only a propaganda tool for the Soviet government. That may have been true, in those days, I don't really know. I didn't have access to any news coming from the east of the US's allies in Europe. This is possibly the change that might someday make the difference in how people view one another. I for one, albeit it seems right now alone, wish for the friendship and brotherhood that Russia could offer. Regardless of ideological differences, the world has become too small to not view the rest of humanity as my brother. Here's hoping that this will continue, and that someday I won't have to think of Russia as being a country on the 'other' side of the world, they will be my neighbor.

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On December 10, 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, its thirty articles enshrining basic and fundamental rights guaranteeing dignity of the human person and equality for all, regardless of race, color, creed or gender. A pipe dream?

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