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Alcmaeon Jones: Thank God, or Lenin or Whoever!..

I stumbled onto this site, but as an American, I am glad to finally see some other point of view from the media. About 2 weeks after the September 11 terrorist attack in the U.S., I realized that all the major U.S. networks (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox) were giving exactly the same stories presented in exactly the same manner. No story looked objectively at the U.S. goals or response. No newscaster dared ask any hard questions to any government representative. This is America and, quite frankly, this sycophantic attitude toward the president and the government is both infuriating and unacceptable to a free people. I have recently been watching the international news stations to get real news and objective reporting. In fact, in the U.S. there really aren't any other stories, just as though the rest of the world suddenly ceased to exist after 9-11-01. I especially liked your coverage of the Israeli lobby; a topic that will never be discussed with any seriousness by the U.S. press. Your story is spot on. Thanks,