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U.S. behind the crash of Russian plane

A principal Director of Russian Intelligence (GRU, English translation of the Russian acronym ГРУ), believes that America is behind the crash of the Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft that occurred in Indonesia, earlier this May.

"We know they have equipment that allows them to cut communications between the aircraft and the control tower or to interfere with the parameters on board," says the international newspaper Christian Science Monitor, citing a GRU general, without mentioning his name.

The Superjet 100 was strategic for Russia, believing that it would play an important role in the market for modern aircraft.

The plane, with 45 passengers aboard, took off on May 9 for a demonstration flight at an airport in Jakarta, but lost radio contact after 50 minutes and then disappeared from radar.

The general stressed that the GRU has been monitoring, for some time, the activity of U.S. Army electronics experts at the airport in Jakarta and argued that electronic interference caused by the U.S. were the main cause of the accident that claimed the lives of all passengers.

Moreover, inspection of the plane's black box does not show any technical or system defect on the aircraft.         

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Lisa Karpova



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