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Greek man charged with mailing banned steroids

A Greek man was charged on Thursday in the northern city of Thessaloniki with mailing large quantities of banned anabolic steroids to recipients in at least 10 foreign countries, authorities confirm.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday in a Thessaloniki post office while allegedly sending off packages of steroids to addresses in the United States, Britain and France, the Financial Crime Squad, or SDOE, said in a statement.

SDOE said over 35,000 boxes of steroids - used by athletes as illegal performance-boosters - were confiscated following a raid on the suspect's home.

The suspect allegedly worked with a Moscow-based Russian associate, who sent him the drugs together with the recipients' addresses.

SDOE said the suspect had posted at least 450 packages since May 2005 to the U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, the AP reports.


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