Source Pravda.Ru

Three caches with weapons and ammunition discovered in Chechnya

Russian policemen have discovered three caches with weapons and ammunition in Chechnya.

As the regional operative headquarters reported, a huge cache with weapons and ammunition was discovered in the settlement of Alleroi. 16,000 cartridges for automatic weapons, 48 cartridges for hunting guns, two grenades, a mine, four cartridge belts, a magazine for the Kalashnikov gun, five TNT sticks, 200 gram each, uniforms, a radio, three radiostations with a supply unit and medicines were removed from the cache.

The regional operative headquarters also said that policemen had checked 1,795 houses in Chechnya during the past day. 18,559 transport units had been checked at the blockstations and checkpoints. The automatic information system checked 32,000 documents. It registered 242 administrative offences.

The Kalashnikov gun, two grenade launchers, six hunting guns, 16,747 cartridges for automatic weapons of various calibre, seven grenades, three rounds for underbarrel grenade launchers, 14 artillery shells of various calibre, two mines, 13 exploders, six electric detonators, 1,600 gram of TNT and three radio stations have been removed overnight. Three land mines have been found and liquidated.

Twenty two minifactories were liquidated within the framework of the operation aimed at preventing illegal oil production and procession.