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Chinese diplomat runs over a pedestrian in Moscow

In the south-west of Moscow, a car accident took place with the participation of an attache of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China. The Chinese diplomat ran over a woman who was crossing the road.

The accident occurred in front of Building 22 on Vernadsky Prospekt. The Chinese diplomat, driving his Hyundai vehicle, drove into oncoming traffic. Breaking traffic rules, he was moving from Udaltsov Street towards Vernadsky Prospekt, when he ran over a woman who was crossing the road in violation of traffic rules too. The woman was hospitalized, reports NTV.

In Siberia, a traffic police officer in the Trans-Baikal region ran over a motorcyclist, who was standing on the roadside. Two more people were hospitalized. Investigation is underway.

In Sakhalin, the Far East of Russia, near the town of Korsakov, a 12-month-old girl fell out of the window of the car and got under the wheels of the same car. The girl's 27-year-mother was holding the child in her arms while driving. While making a U-turn, the child slipped out of the woman's hands and fell out of the car through the open window. The child got under the rear wheel of the car. 


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