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Operation To Rescue The Pioner Rossii Ship

The Admiral Makarov flagship icebreaker, which is leading the Pioner Rossii freight ship out of the Sakhalin Bay, has covered 28 miles in two days. The Vladivostok Marine Rescue and Coordinating Centre reported on Friday that the ships have another 10 miles to cover before reaching open water. The operation is taking place in conditions of heavy snow in a region of pack ice, so that visibility is nearly zero. However, experts say that the most difficult part of the way, with shallow water and pack ice fields, is past. Pioner Rossii entered the Sakhalin Bay to avoid a heavy storm in the sea of Okhotsk, and got stuck in ice there. The rescue operation began at night on January 3. The icebreaker broke the ice around the ship and started leading it out of the bay to open water.

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