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Passenger bus rams into pedestrians in St. Petersburg, 26 hurt

04.06.2014 | Source:



Passenger bus rams into pedestrians in St. Petersburg, 26 hurt. 52901.png
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The number of those who were injured in yesterday's road traffic accident in St. Petersburg reached 26. The accident took place on Nevsky Prospekt, at about nine o'clock in the evening. Passenger bus No. 181 swerved into a crowded sidewalk and rammed into four lampposts. The driver after he felt pain in the heart.

No one was killed in the accident, although 26 people, including pedestrians, suffered injuries of various degree. "My vision went dark all of a sudden and I lost control of the steering wheel," the driver later said.

The people on the sidewalk managed to escape from the bus, although some of them, who were walking on a hot summer night on Nevsky Prospekt, did not manage to react properly. There were many passengers inside the bus, all the seats were taken, about 8-9 people were standing.

The driver suffered bone fractures of the legs. He was hospitalized in severe condition. Twenty-six people - both passengers and pedestrians, including children,  - suffered injuries. Eighteen people, four of them minors, received medical aid on the spot and refused from hospitalization.


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