Source Pravda.Ru

Person suspected of committing terror act arrested in Chechnya

On Sunday, August 4th, police officers investigating the April terror act near a chemical plant in Grozny arrested a person suspected of committing this crime.

According to the regional staff, the investigation has found out that a 21-year-old member of illegal armed formations planted a land mine on a road and let it off when a KamAZ truck transporting policemen was passing it.

During an interrogation, the detainee confessed in committing the crime and disclosed the location of a cache he had made in an abandoned house. In the cache policemen have found 180 anti-tank rocket launcher rounds, 12 rounds for under-barrel grenade launcher, more than 150,000 various calibre bullets and 2 F-1 hand grenades.

The police are currently carrying out an investigation to find the detainee's accomplices.