Source Pravda.Ru

Heavy Storm Flooded Kentucky & Indiana

Heavy thunderstorms flooded Kentucky and Indiana on Tuesday, shutting down a university campus in Louisville, closing highways and cutting power to thousands of people.

The storm shut down the University of Louisville, where about a dozen buildings were without power and a dozen more had some flooding on the main campus, said university spokesman Mark Hebert. Dozens of university of employees were evacuated, he said, The Associated Press reports.

The official government site for Louisville area, says: “Tuesday’s heavy rain was a record, according to Metropolitan Sewer District Director Bud Schardein. As much as 6 inches of rain fell in an hour and 15 minutes. “When I talk about the most rain in this community in a one hour period, we’ve set it today,” Schardein said at a morning news conference with Major Jerry Abramson and other city officials. “This is not a drainage issue, this is a flooding issue,” Schardein said. “What we will focus on is keeping our system at full capacity so we can move as much water as we possibly can,” Schardein said,” The Inquisitr reports.

There were reports of stranded vehicles floating down the street in downtown New Albany, and water as deep as three feet has been reported on Louisville streets, according to the National Weather Service.

Area residents are being urged to move to higher ground and should not attempt to drive or walk through flooded areas, reports.

Meanwhile, Monroe Township firefighters on boat and trucks evacuated 20 people from flooded homes and apartments on Railroad Street and Ind. 31 near Henryville in Indiana's Clark County Tuesday morning. No one was hurt among the evacuees, who were taken to the fire station for temporary shelter.

Two women trapped in their car that stalled in the middle of high water on Railroad Street were also rescued, AHN reports.

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