Source Pravda.Ru

Chechen separatists' office closes in Georgia

Chechen separatist Hizri Aldamov has said that he headed the so-called "Ichkeria's representative office" in Tbilisi "at Maskhadov's request." On Tuesday speaking at the press-conference in Tbilisi, Aldamov, a native Georgian Chechen, said that he intended to seek asylum in a third country if the Russian authorities demanded that Georgia should detain and extradite him.

The Georgian authorities claim that not long ago Aldamov allegedly closed "Ichkeria's representative office" in a rented room of a many-storied building in Tbilisi.

On Tuesday in Moscow Secretary of the Georgian National Security Council Tedo Japaridze said that the so-called "Ichkeria's representative office" in Tbilisi was already closed. Answering the question of a RIA Novosti journalist Japaridze stressed that the representative office "no longer existed."