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Campaign against oil thieves in Chechnya continues

Thirty-two clandestine mini-facilities producing and refining oil have been spotted and destroyed by the police in Chechnya during the past day. Five refueller trucks carrying 13.3 tons of stolen oil products have been detained at block posts, a RIA Novosti correspondent was told at the republican Interior Ministry department.

Two heavy-duty Kamaz trucks carrying 4 tons of diesel fuel were detained in the Achkhoi Martan district of Chechnya. Another two such trucks with 3.8 tons of diesel fuel were detained during a special operation in Achkhoi Martan, and patrolmen detained a Kamaz illegally carrying 2.5 tons of diesel oil in the Nadterechny region of Chechnya.

All the trucks are kept at a penalty parking lot. The investigators are finding out where the oil products have been stolen from in Chechnya.

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