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Jeep blown up in UFA belonged to body guards of son of Bashkir President

The Toyota Land Cruiser blown up the day before belonged to a private security enterprise, Shchit, which guarded Ural Rakhimov, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bashkirenergo joint-stock company and the son of the Bashkir President. RIA Novosti was told about this by the head of the Bashkir Interior Ministry's press service, Ruslan Sharafutdinov.

According to him, at the moment of the explosion Ural Rakhimov was not at the site of the incident. Bodyguards alone were in the car.

According to the press service of the republic'sn Interior Ministry, the information about the explosion was received on Wednesday evening at 9:15 pm. The explosion rippled near the business centre under construction, which the car of the private security enterprise was passing by. The nearby parked VAZ-21065 was blown up too.

One of the security men, Yevgeny Metlitsky, 1974, died on the spot, three others were immediately hospitalised. On Thursday morning, one of them, Renat Khabibullin, 1970, died in hospital.

Supposedly it was a remote-control explosive device, stuffed with scraps and small bolls. In the trinitrotoluene equivalent, the might of the explosion amounted to some 600-700 grams.

A criminal case has been launched under articles of "terrorism" and "the murder committed by a generally dangerous method."

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