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China feeds Kim Jong Un's uncle to 120 starved dogs

07.01.2014 | Source:


China feeds Kim Jong Un's uncle to 120 starved dogs. 51900.png

Chinese state-run newspaper Wen Wei Po shared grisly details of the execution of the uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Mass media have not exposed either photos or videos of the execution, but the the Chinese publication wrote that the uncle and five more convicts were stripped naked and taken "in the field" where as many as 120 dogs were put on them. The dogs had not eaten for three days.

The people, while being eaten alive, were bleeding and screaming for an hour,  while 300 North Korean officials were watching the vile action.

The this information raises strong suspicion, and it is not about the jokes that people posted ("why do they keep so many dogs" and "when do they feed them"). Experts and media publications suggest that it was China's attempt to ruin the ties between North Korea and the West. Some suggest that the article in the above-mentioned newspaper came as a reflection of Beijing's dissatisfaction with new policies of the DPRK. Indeed, such a form of punishment, as opposed to "traditional" execution by shooting is too cruel.

Earlier, South Korean press reported less scary details of the execution. It was particularly said that Jang Song Taek, Kim Jong Un, was shot, along with other convicts, in the building of the State Security Ministry from anti-aircraft guns. Nothing was reported on how exactly the guns were taken to the "execution cellar" and how the executioners managed to stay alive despite ricochets.

In addition, South Korean publications have "surprised" the world before with  information about the execution of the Deputy Minister of People's Armed Forces of North Korea...from a mortar. According to the publication, Kim Jong Un allegedly ordered not even a "wet spot" be left from his uncle. The latter was supposedly celebrating and drinking, instead of grieving for Kim Jong Il. Naturally, the information became a bombshell in the world immediately, although professional military doubted the reality of this kind of execution. After all, a mortar shoots on a ballistic trajectory for at least hundreds of meters.

It remains to add that independent sources in the DPRK have not confirmed the rumors about the gory execution. According to experts on North Korea, the execution was most likely quick, althouth public. To crown it all, this form of execution, when a person is killed by starved dogs, is used in a number of countries against criminals and Wahhabi terrorists. According to their beliefs, if a dog touches them, the road to heaven will be closed for them. Therefore, the terrible news from a Chinese publication was nothing but a hoax.


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