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Russian tourist drowns in Egypt

Russian tourist drowns in Egypt. 45564.jpegA Russian tourist drowned in Egypt's Safaga resort town. The Russian Federation Embassy in Egypt will organize the transportation of the tourist's body to Russia.

Safaga is a small resort town to the south off Egypt's Hurghada. The drowned man was 61 years of age, Arguments and Facts said. No other details of the incident were reported.

Another Russian tourist has recently drowned in Thailand. The tragedy took place on Phuket's Karon Beach. The man was drunk and ignored a warning from the beach rescue service, website said.

Russian insurance companies made the list of most dangerous resorts that enjoy greatest popularity among Russian tourists. Surprisingly, the list included such countries as Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Twenty-five percent of insurance events include bone fractures, bruises and strains received during snowboarding and skiing. Egypt tops the list. Tourists drown there even in swimming pools. Thailand comes second, where people die from intestinal infections.



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