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A Panamanian vessel with poached crabs detained off Sakhalin

A seagoing refrigerator Micon under the Panamanian flag with a cargo of poached crab worth more than 1.5 million dollars was detained off the southern coast of Sakhalin.

RIA learned in the press centre of the Pacific regional border department of the Federal Frontier Service of Russia, first the ship's captain neglected the orders of the boast guard to stop its movement towards neutral waters. Next he contacted the coast guard ship to say that he had the orders of the foreign owner of the ship to move out of the exclusive economic zone of Russia. The coast guard ship opened warning fire to "convince" the Micon captain to comply with orders.

The inspection group boarded the refrigerator, which had a Russian crew, and found over 210 tons of boiled crab. The poached cargo was taken from the Sangar fishing vessel flying the Cambodian flag, which is on the wanted list. The fishing vessel captain doesn't have a fishing license or permission.

The refrigerator was convoyed to Korsakov, Sakhalin, for further investigation.

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