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2 policemen injured in Chechnya

A convoy of police motor vehicles has come under fire in Chechnya, with two police officers injured in the incident. Local law enforcement officials told RIA Novosti the incident occurred on Friday in the Naursky District in northern Chechnya. The perpetrators managed to escape.

A mine fixed to branches of a tree on the side of the road the convoy had been traveling was found as investigators scoured the scene.

A 13-year-old youth was arrested in the Chechen capital of Grozny Friday. Security officials allege he had been tasked with supplying intelligence of routes of federal troop convoy movements to the rebels. The boy traveled to the city from Achkhoi-Martan, a rural community in western Chechnya, to meet a guerrilla leader who assigned him that mission. His task, more concretely, was to monitor the traffic of federal troop convoys and local police vehicles in his native Achkhoi-Martan area, say the police, who are still questioning the precocious youth.