Source Pravda.Ru

Chechnya affairs minister traces back National Hotel explosion to international terrorism

In the Tuesday explosion outside Moscow's National Hotel is seen the trace of international terrorism not the Chechen trace, federal minister for Chechnya affairs Stanislav Ilyasov said in the RIA Novosti interview on Wednesday.

"It is not a Chechen trace but that of international terrorism, which has a far-flung network and a base in Chechnya", Ilyasov said.

"Now everything is being done to destroy the structure of terrorism. Our law-enforcement and security structures will do all to end it, though it is hard to do so, just as in the rest of the world", he said.

Ilyasov stressed the need of exposing those who stand behind terrorism. "Those who trigger infernal machines can be of any nationality. The main thing is to find those who give orders", Stanislav Ilyasov said.

The explosion outside the National Hotel in the centre of Moscow has killed six and wounded 14 persons.

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