Source Pravda.Ru

Schoolboy dies while sliding down frozen hill

A sixth-grader died after hitting his head on a chunk of ice as the boy was sliding down an ice hill. The tragedy happened in the Moscow region. 

The accident occurred on the territory of Artus Hotel. "A 12-year-old resident of Podolsk suffered a head injury while sliding down a frozen hill. The boy was flown to hospital in another town by helicopter. He was in a state of clinical death," officials said. 

Doctors could not save the boy's life. The boy studied at Moscow School No. 1554.

A similar accident took in Moscow on Feb. 20, the ITAR-TASS reports. A girl of three years received a lethal injury, as she was sliding down a chute during a walk in the kindergarten. According to forensic experts, the death was caused by strangulation. The actual circumstances of the incident are being investigated.