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Leaders Of Chechen Militants Cannot Divide Currency

A split occurred between Khattab's groupings, on the one side, and those of Maskhadov and Basayev, on the other, based on the struggle for receiving financial aid coming from foreign countries, a confidential source told RIA Novosti. Earlier, the size of this aid amounted to 5 million dollars a month, but, according to operational data, after the unsuccessful summer campaign of militants their financial support considerably reduced -- by 100-200 percent which led to the attempts "to re-divide the spheres of influence between the chieftains of separatists. Contradictions between the Arab mercenaries themselves -- Khattab and his deputy Abu al-Walid -- sharply aggravated for the same reason. The latter is trying to remove Khattab from distributing money among militants. It is Abu al-Walid who searched for 300 million US dollars which were sent last autumn to Chechen militants by the international terrorist organisation Moslem Brothers and then unexpectedly disappeared. Khattab was responsible for the distribution of this money, the source pointed out.

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