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Motives of Virginian Shooter are not Clear yet

The resinents of US state of Virginia can breathe freely, though shock of massive killings of 8 people won't pass off for a long time.

A man suspected of shooting dead eight people in the has been charged with one count of first degree murder.Officials say Christopher Speight, 39, could also face other charges.

Police earlier found a "multitude" of explosives at a home where most of the victims were shot on Tuesday.

Bomb experts searched the rural property near Appomattox after Mr Speight gave himself up after an all-night manhunt.

The victims have been identified as four adults, three teenagers and a four-year-old boy. Some of the victims were Mr Speight's relatives.

Mr Speight turned himself in at about 0710 (1210 GMT) on Wednesday after an all-night stand-off with police, who had surrounded woodland just outside Appomattox.

The local sheriff said Mr Speight was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he surrendered, but was not armed and did not need any medical attention.

Police are still searching for the high-powered rifle he is believed to have used.

A spokesman for Virginia's governor said the suspect was being debriefed and was being very co-operative, although a motive for the shooting was still being investigated.

Reuters has contributed to the report.

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