Source Pravda.Ru

Armed American caught trying to breake in U.N. Headquarters

Californian Vernon J. Welker armed with two guns, a large knife and over 200 rounds of ammunition was arrested in New York City as he tried to enter a United Nations parking garage.

Welker, 59, is to face charges of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, police detective Kevin Czartoryski is quoted by CNN as saying.

He said Welker had a .22-caliber revolver, a .22-caliber Winchester rifle and a large knife in his car when he tried to enter the U.N. parking garage.

Czartoryski said both guns were loaded and that Welker had more than 200 rounds of ammunition.

Authorities said Welker tried to enter the garage at U.N. Plaza, which is commonly used by U.N. workers.

Czartoryski said Welker gave no indication why he was carrying the weapons.

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